Open Innovation Programme


Innovators - come forward!

Innovation is the result of the combination of vision, inspiration, practical technical thinking and the ability to make it work. We know that bringing all these elements together represents a major challenge. So if you have an innovative solution in one of our key areas and would like to see it implemented, feel free to register your concept in the Open Innovation Programme.

The Programme has been initiated and is coordinated by Veolia's Innovation Department, which is responsible for the implementation and development of an innovation culture within the Group, and for the implementation and testing of new solutions, on a daily basis.

So let us join forces - and act together!

Who are we looking for?

We want to collaborate with: start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as universities and research institutions. We are looking for solutions which have been tested in an industrial environment, or are ready to be implemented.





Key innovation areas

We focus on innovation in the following Veolia key areas

Decarbonisation in the heating industry

  • 4th and 5th generation district heating networks
  • waste heat utilisation
  • management of distributed heat sources
  • use of RES for thermal energy generation
  • energy to heat, large scale heat pumps
  • geothermal energy to reduce coal combustion in district heating systems
  • alternative fuels in district heating
    • biogas, biomass
    • biochar
    • energy recovery from waste
  • CO2 capture, sequestration and use
  • heat storage
  • leak detection in district heating networks
  • biomass gasification
  • innovative methods for producing heat with zero or trace CO2 emissions


  • H2 and natural gas mix in power generation
  • testing the effect of H2 content in the gas mix on combustion parameters (efficiency, emissions...)
  • 100% hydrogen fueled thermal power generation facilities
  • hydrogen storage
  • technology for recovering energy during hydrogen expansion when blended with natural gas
  • methods of using the oxygen that is obtained in the hydrogen production process
  • production of hydrogen from waste water


  • Solutions allowing charging of cars directly from RES without overloading the distribution network; island mode operation of car chargers
  • Stationary energy storage
  • Vehicle 2 Grid

Smart buildings

  • management of building parameters: heat, electricity, humidity, air quality
  • energy recovery
  • air filtration systems integrated with ventilation
  • sensors for measuring and monitoring indoor air quality

Energy efficiency in industry

  • Optimisation of the utilities production (heat, cooling, electricity, compressed air)
  • Optimisation of energy consumption (e.g. through real-time plant management)
  • New customized heat recovery methods for various industrial sectors
  • New technologies for utilities production (heat, cooling, electricity, compressed air)

Waste management

  • sewage sludge management
  • new methods of combustion products management

Electricity balance management/power system balancing

  • energy demand management, flexibility management
  • Smart metering - advanced smart meters (real-time collection of electricity consumption data)
  • virtual power plants - a central management system for diversified, distributed energy sources
  • energy storage and smart battery/battery network management
  • smart chargers for electric cars: RTP (real time pricing) systems
  • predictive modeling in the energy market area (customer demand for electricity)


  • leak detection in water supply networks
  • continuous monitoring of technical and biological parameters of supplied water
  • exploration of new groundwater sources
  • hydraulic modeling of water distribution networks

Telemetry, Internet of Things

  • predictive maintenance
  • digital twinning
  • remote control of the heating node operation
  • energy carrier flow optimization systems for real-time flow management
  • campus networks for internal communication, e.g. within a plant
  • VR applications in industry
  • signaling ("intelligent" protection of technical objects)

If you have an idea - you have our attention!

If you meet the above criteria, press the "Submit your idea" button, which will guide you to a page with a form sheet and the regulations of the Veolia Energia Polska Open Innovation Programme.

Following its submission, your application will be sent to the Innovation Department, where it will undergo a preliminary analysis. We will reply to all applications, and any further developments will depend on the feedback you receive from us. Possible next steps may include: a detailed analysis of the proposed innovation by Veolia experts, a meeting with the innovation applicant and a final decision on any further action.

Veolia - your partner open to innovation

Wondering if it's worth the trouble? Of course! Our partners can benefit from a wide-ranging access to world-class experts, to our know-how built on decades of experience and to our sophisticated infrastructure in the fields of energy, water and waste management. We offer the best environment for the testing, development and implementation of innovative solutions in our areas of interest.


  • Heat generation and distribution systems
  • Individual energy solutions (design, construction, financing, source management)
  • Energy efficiency


  • Complex water and wastewater management, including production, treatment and distribution
  • Sewage collection and treatment
  • Reduction of losses


  • Waste management (liquid and solid, hazardous and non-hazardous waste)
  • Thermal waste treatment

In.On - we create a culture of innovation

Why should you trust us? Because we have been building our business on innovation for years and we are constantly working on new ideas. This attitude derives from the innovation culture intensively developed at Veolia and represents our response to a dynamically changing world and new challenges related to business, ecology and legislation.

We are committed to innovations, because they allow us not only to effectively respond to any challenges, but most of all to implement the desired changes and create a world that we would like to live in ourselves. This is why we are reaching out - to any ideas with significant potential.   We are reaching out to you!

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